An inimitable walk-up apartment that honours heritage

By conserving original features of this old duplex apartment and amalgamating them with modern elements, an inimitable abode is achieved.

  • An inimitable walk-up apartment that honours heritage

Home Type: 3-bedroom walk-up apartment

Floor Area: 1,766sqft

Text by Vanitha Pavapathi

The couple living in this spacious duplex apartment desired an open, light-filled abode that fuses modern functions while respecting its heritage.

The mosaic floor tiles, original to the apartment, impart a nostalgic vibe to the living space and make a bold canvas onto which minimalist wood furniture rest on. D’ Initial Concept further heightened the interplay of heritage and modernity in the dining space with abstract art, Shaker style built-ins and a dramatic Vistosi Peggy pendant light.

heritage walk-up duplex D' Initial Concept

The kitchen has been opened up and now enjoys a through view into the living space, with the only space separator being the flooring. Cement screed was chosen for its modern industrial aesthetic that goes well with the moss green kitchen cabinetry. It is certainly an unlikely colour choice but one that works for a modern vintage look. Here, the design team also took full advantage of the large windows that overlook the neighbourhood by building a breakfast nook cum informal dining space.

heritage walk-up duplex D' Initial Concept

Another standout feature of this dwelling is the crimson wall that runs from the living area to the stairway. The bold wall not only helps accentuate the mosaic flooring, but also the gold painted balustrade that draws inspiration from the vintage pattern of the ‘60s. It is without a doubt the loudest feature in this apartment that truly enlivens the interior without the need for additional decor.

heritage walk-up duplex D' Initial Concept

The common bathroom is a picture of elegance and tranquillity. For seamless continuity, the walls and floors are clad in homogeneous tiles. A custom-built marble washstand lends a sophisticated, hotel luxe vibe while the round mirror and oval washbasin break up the angularity of the space. The use of ribbed glass window helps diffuse light into the bathroom while maintaining privacy.

D’ Initial Concept

This article first appeared in Lookbox Living issue 63

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