A modern apartment’s homage to wabi-sabi living

SPIRE designs a home that’s centred on the principles and aesthetics of wabi-sabi for a young couple who desire to live modestly and simply.

  • A modern apartment’s homage to wabi-sabi living

  • A modern apartment’s homage to wabi-sabi living

  • A modern apartment’s homage to wabi-sabi living

  • A modern apartment’s homage to wabi-sabi living

Home Type: 2-bedroom condo

Floor Area: 700sqft

Text by Janice Seow

The ancient Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi appealed greatly to the young owners of this two-bedroom condo apartment. The couple were particularly drawn to the unpretentious simplicity and rustic elegance that the wabi-sabi aesthetic is known for, and looked to SPIRE to build them a home that was authentic to their lifestyle, and outlook in life.

“The couple also wanted their home to be minimalist and fuss free. It had to be easy to maintain as they were particular about cleanliness,” the designers explain.

wabi-sabi apartment SPIRE

To open up the modestly-sized apartment, the designers have removed the kitchen walls to create a seamless open kitchen and dining space. The beauty of nature and imperfection, which are characteristic of the wabi-sabi aesthetic, dominate the interiors. They can be found on the raw-textured laminated cabinetry, and in the form of rugged and organically-shaped furniture.

The living hall has been given its own semi-enclosed area behind the kitchen which affords some privacy while maintaining sightlines. And it was not without some future planning. “There was consideration that this space could be converted into a room for rent down the road,” say the designers, who kept this possibility in mind when designing the space.

wabi-sabi apartment SPIRE

One of the key notes of this apartment is that all the walls are in microcement. In the bathroom, the designers have gone further by applying it on the walls, floors and even ceiling. “It’s extremely easy to maintain as there are no joint lines, and no grouting to clean,” the designers explain, adding that this was something that appealed to their clients. Hacking costs could also be saved as the microcement could be applied over the existing surfaces. Vinyl flooring for the rest of the house further ensures easy maintenance.

While a bathtub can seem like a luxury, the designers have removed it to open up the space, which is luxury in itself. The interior is the epitome of effortless elegance. A column washbasin from Modeste anchors the space as an architectural element, while a ladder stand is a casual touch that completes the look.

wabi-sabi apartment SPIRE

The master bedroom continues the homage to simplicity. Here, the designers have created wall to wall custom doors for the client’s own wardrobe system. It’s a thoughtful design with enough space inside to feel like a walk-in closet. The discreet door handles remain true to the apartment’s overall design sensibility. Indeed, everywhere you look, the home reflects simplicity and ease.


Where To Shop
Kitchen laminates from Keminates
Kitchen countertop from KompacPlus
Bathroom washbasin from Modeste

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