Designed for deep connection

This family home located in New Delhi, India, is notable for its intimate, connective design and a distinct material palette that channels a subtle mid-century edge.

Designed for deep connection

Text by Alice Blackwood

The Link House, designed by The Melange Studio, is a family home built to intimately connect a nuclear family of four. The family’s vision for the home was “elegantly functional”, allowing subtle sophistication to lead the interior design vocabulary.

The Melange Studio has considered its client’s lifestyle choices and the family dynamic which saw them shift from a multi-generational home into this more intimate setting, and crafted the living spaces to offer meaningful opportunities for deeper connection and also privacy.

To enter the home, you first encounter the formal living-dining area where two plinths housing a brass partition system showcase custom artworks, hand-painted. The subtle, straight-lined wall panelling creates a structured backdrop against which the furniture pieces – luxe and rich in materiality, and customised accessories may establish a language of formality and balance. Enlivening this with colour are the accompanying circular artworks in blue and orange, a poetic reference to the circle of life and the family’s own changing dynamics.

In contrast to this space is the informal living zone which exudes a youthful vibe – both cosy and laidback. This is heightened by the additions of a tan leather L-shaped sofa, armchair upholstered in a houndstooth pattern, and metal floor lamp.

An authenticity of materiality becomes a common thread across all the furnishing, both formal and informal, placing emphasis on quality and longevity. “The palette of whites and beige dominate the overall design scheme, with its subtle mid-century edge,” say the designers. “Wicker and teak wood add warmth and hints of gold and navy top it off,” they say.

“While the scheme runs through the home, binding it together, the individuality of the spaces comes from the way each material and colour has been used distinctively in each room.”

The Melange Studio has skillfully used design elements to connect with the family’s personalities and aspirations. This is particularly evident in the bedrooms where the main bedroom is functional and simplistic, pulling in highlights of cool blue from the common spaces and using them to great effect in this private retreat.

Here the grand bed takes centre stage, accompanied by a snug corner inhabited by a set of armchairs.

For the daughter of the family, the designers have created a personality-rich space. Elegant brass details and muted fluting run along the accent wall, lending a sense of quiet luxury and dousing this in sunlight from the balcony.

For the son, meanwhile, the designers have channelled a deeper mood using teak and grey tones, offset against contemporary elements like a matte-black light fixture. Perhaps most notable is the fluted bed-back which continues along the wall to envelop the side table and its clever desk extension – the perfect study nook.

In a masterful merging of design references, The Melange Studio introduces a tropical vibe into the guest bedroom, to blend with the wider mid-century vocabulary. You can see this in the wallpaper patterns, wicker lights and fluted side tables.

“The Link House connects the family with each other and the design elements with the family’s personality and aspirations, contributing to an enduring belief in the power of design to make lasting human connection,” say the designers. The intimacy and character of this home certainly make it an experience that I can only imagine is reverently shared and deeply appreciated by its inhabitants.

The Melange Studio

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