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A relaxing cafe-inspired home for coffee enthusiasts

This HDB flat celebrates good coffee and the homeowners’ worldly adventures with a charming and laid-back style.

Home Type: 4-room HDB flat

Floor Area: 1,076 sqft

Text by Disa Tan

For the homeowners of this HDB flat, nothing beats relaxing with a cup of coffee. Therefore, the married couple wanted to replicate the cafe experience in their own home. Designer Alson Tan and his team from Couple Abode were completely on board to fulfil their cafe-inspired home. Besides hip cafes, they drew style influences from notable food establishments, namely fast food restaurant Burger King.

“We were inspired by the multi-faceted material palette in Burger King,” remark the designers of the New York loft style that’s prominent in the fast food joint. That led both homeowners and the team to work out a multi-textural feature wall for the combined living and dining zones. The interplay of brick, mirror and wood elements — all of which are on the homeowners’ must-have list — spans across the length of the wall as an outstanding design feature.

Couple Abode Redhill Road cafe-inspired HDB flat dining

“This feature wall comprises mainly of Craftstone panels, mirror strips and wood-effect laminates,” reveal the designers. “Each of the materials is neatly framed and separated by thin black trimmings,” they further explain. “We allocated a larger surface area for the mirrors to reflect more light and to create the illusion of a bigger room.”

Couple Abode Redhill Road cafe-inspired HDB flat feature wall

One of the biggest challenges the designers faced was getting the calculations and measurements of the feature wall right to the millimetre. They explain: “As every material differs in size and thickness, we had to ensure the accuracy in the size and dimensions for every single frame, or else we will not be able to showcase the impact of each material.” The owners are also fond of the ‘spider’ lighting style, which has been translated through the installation of hanging wires and Edison lightbulbs that now anchor the dining space beautifully.

Couple Abode Redhill Road cafe-inspired HDB flat living area

To let the multi-textural feature wall take centrestage, the designers decided to keep the rest of the living zone clean and simple for more breathing room. While the walls are mostly whitewashed here, black-and-white wallpaper with café-style motifs dresses up a small portion of the wall. The team exclaims: “It makes the wall pop.” Since the married couple has an eight-year old daughter, the choice of furnishings leans toward a more practical and child-friendly style.

Couple Abode Redhill Road cafe-inspired HDB flat kitchen

Cafe-inspired design elements also appear in the cookspace and this is reflected through the use of black glossy subway tiles and woody accents. This soothing ensemble of wood-effect laminates and countertops conjures an open and airy kitchen which makes it a delight to cook in.

Couple Abode Redhill Road cafe-inspired HDB flat bedroom

In the master bedroom, a uniformed design language of matching carpentry works fills the space with tranquillity. From the full-height wardrobes to the bedside tables, these pleasing storage solutions demonstrate that the designers’ storage game is on point.

Couple Abode Redhill Road cafe-inspired HDB flat bathroom (2)

Decked in dark woodgrain textures, the style of this bathroom is a departure from the lighter wood tones used in the main areas of the home. These pronounced wood tones are applied on the mirror frame and the vanity. To better match these deep hues, the designers had the water pipes painted in black. Unapologetically bold, this is how to make a statement in a usually forgotten space in a home.

Couple Abode

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