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Modern luxe HDB flat with futuristic forms

Luxury comes in many forms, and for this HDB BTO flat designed by Chapter 13, it emerges in asymmetrical designs that make for a visual feast.

Home Type: 4-room HDB BTO flat

Floor Area: 1,001sqft

Text by Disa Tan

The designers from Chapter 13 have created an unconventional home with distinctive, elaborately-staged interiors.

Beyond aesthetics, the asymmetrical design details in this flat are designed to cater to different functions. “The false ceiling feature for instance, gives the illusion of a higher ceiling,” explains Melvin of the layered shapes. He also designed a multi-purpose island counter with rounded edges. It’s used as a breakfast counter, bar counter, and as a food preparation station with storage at the base.

Near the front entrance, dark tinted mirror strips with bevelled edges are used to conceal the doorway to the bomb shelter. It is integrated with a full-height shoe cabinet that incorporates a settee and display shelving. The homogeneous large tile flooring has been installed with a special sparkle-effect grouting, for the grout lines to stand out.

The master bathroom sports two different wall treatments to differentiate the WC and shower stall. Mosaic tiles with a metallic sheen mark the shower area while homogeneous wall tiles of a similar dark colour shroud the wall behind the WC.

A spectacular overlay of cushioned panels clads the master bedroom walls and ceiling. It creates a plush canopy that envelopes the room with a futuristic, space pod-like appeal. Melvin adds: “These panels emulate the setting of a cinema and elevate the cinematic experience of watching TV.” He also worked in a bay window seat and storage fixture to complete the look.

Chapter 13


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