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Luxury meets modern sophistication in a three-storey bungalow

This three-storey bungalow designed by Ultimate Interior Creation is a melange of modern, minimalist and classic elements, with eco-friendly features.

Home Type: bungalow

Floor Area: 12,500sqft

Text by Angela Low

Full-length windows are introduced on both sides of the living and dining room in this three-storey bungalow, offering plenty of natural light and allowing for natural cross-ventilation. The highlight of this space is the travertine TV feature wall, which boasts dynamic textures and striking colours that “break the monotonous design”, says Ultimate Interior Creation’s Winarto Atmadja. The mirror by the TV also doubles as a hidden door to the utility room under the staircase.

three-storey bungalow ultimate interior creation

As this family hosts large parties twice a year during festive seasons, they needed enough space to accommodate about 200 people. One of the spaces in which they can entertain is the pantry, where they also display their wine collection. A breakfast bar made of a dark green marble allows for additional seating and serving areas. Bronze tinted mirrors, used beneath the bar counter and as the kitchen backsplash, offer a cosier, classier alternative to clear mirrors.

three-storey bungalow ultimate interior creation

Setting the scene for the rest of the house, the foyer on the second storey features an abundance of luxe elements (from the padded wall to the crystal chandelier) and is built with windows on three sides of the room for ample natural light to spill in. Its neutral colours create a warm, inviting ambience for visitors as well.

three-storey bungalow ultimate interior creation

Built-in cabinets, designed flush against the walls of the master bedroom on the third floor, provide ample storage, while keeping to a clean look. Besides the dark brown velvet headboard, bronze tinted mirrors and bright red bedding, everything in this room is kept to soft, neutral hues for a soothing environment to sleep in.

three-storey bungalow ultimate interior creation

The striking silver travertine walls in this master bath is a feast for the eyes. To complement it, the designers matched textured porcelain with a dark brown travertine frame for the shower area. No luxury bathroom is complete without a bathtub, and this one is a Europe-imported gem that takes this spa-like space to the next level.

three-storey bungalow ultimate interior creation

This walk-in closet, which is connected to the master bedroom, features nine mirrors. Situated in a corner of the room, the bathroom entrance is sandwiched between two walls of mirrors, one with a wooden frame and one without. The latter actually conceals the couple’s wardrobe, while an island counter is dedicated solely to display their watches and accessories.

three-storey bungalow ultimate interior creation

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