Artful living in a minimalist loft apartment

Luxury is expressed through elegant details and bespoke designs in this remarkable loft apartment designed by Joey Khu ID.

  • Artful living in a minimalist loft apartment

Home Type: 2 bedroom walk-up apartment

Floor Area: 1,300sqft

Text by Janice Seow

This walk-up apartment in District 9 is a minimalist masterpiece, and perfectly demonstrates interior designer Joey Khu’s talent for crafting bespoke and artful spaces that stand the test of time.

The home has a commanding yet calming presence – one that embodies simplicity and timeless elegance whilst addressing the practical and functional aspects of life at home. Importantly, like all Joey Khu ID signature work, it is designed like a tailor-made suit to reflect the owner’s personality, lifestyle and taste.

The unconventional layout of the loft apartment and its unique architectural features such as sloping ceilings and exposed beams were all well-considered in the genesis of the planning to ensure the best utilisation of space.

“We needed to carefully plan the placement of furniture and functional zones to optimise the use of space and ensure circulation flows smoothly. We found innovative ways to make the most of every square inch of the loft, such as incorporating multifunctional space, furniture, and hidden storage solutions. Functionality was prioritised in every design decision, such that the space would seamlessly integrate daily activities and enhance overall usability,” Joey Khu explains.

“While this layout offered ample natural light, it was a challenge to direct and maximise the sunlight throughout the apartment. Limited window placement and permanent structural elements needed to be addressed creatively to ensure the space would feel bright and inviting during the day,” he continues.

Other challenges to loft living have been skilfully tackled by Joey and his team. For example, privacy and sound insulation woes – typically faced in apartments with open layouts and high ceilings – have been resolved with strategically placed and soundproofed partitions. At the same time, the provision of adequate storage in a minimalist loft set up has been achieved with discreet built-in solutions. Also of note, materials and finishes have been meticulously selected to fit the contemporary design of the interior while harmonising with the apartment’s existing architectural features.

Despite having a certain gallery-like aura, this home in no way comes out short on liveability and is meant to be a place for relaxation and socialisation.

Beyond the aforementioned space and storage considerations, furniture, lighting and textiles emphasise comfort whilst staying true to the apartment’s strong minimalist language. Various elements are also suitably proportioned to evoke a homey ambience.

loft apartment

The living area as the heart of the home is welcoming, spacious and elegant, and seamlessly integrates with the rest of the common areas. Large windows allow daylight to pour into the living space, bathing the apartment in warmth and providing a pleasing connection to the outdoors.

Every design element in the apartment has been chosen to create a harmonious visual experience. “Architectural features such as loft ceilings contribute to the overall design aesthetic and add visual interest; black metal fishbone stairs create a sense of authenticity and charm; and custom furniture pieces and fixtures have been specifically designed for the apartment to fit the space perfectly,” says Joey.

Warmer notes are brought in via materials like walnut veneer feature walls, joinery works and stone countertops, and touches of character and personality through statement art pieces. At the same time, sustainable materials are implemented in unexpected ways, adding a meaningful dimension to the home.

loft apartment

Like all projects by Joey Khu ID, this home carries an artful curation furniture and furnishings from design-led brands like Space Furniture, W. Atelier and Flos, and they play an integral role in giving this home its distinct identity. “Each piece has been carefully chosen to complement the overall aesthetic and elevate the space with its style and functionality. Each piece showcases exceptional craftsmanship, attention to detail, and a blend of modern and timeless design,” says Joey.

One can walk through the apartment and admire the elegance of the lofty spaces, take delight in the stunning objects and painstakingly-crafted details around the home, or appreciate the fact that the functional elements have been translated into a thing of beauty. The home can be enjoyed in layers, which makes it remarkable.

Joey Khu ID

Photography by Studio Periphery

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