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A calm and luxurious urban apartment in Hong Kong

This beautiful apartment by Studio Adjective is maximised for views and designed to provide both practical necessities and luxuries of a city home.

Home Type: 1-bedroom apartment

Floor Area: 1300sqft

Text by Yvonne Xu

The apartment is located in the Larvotto private estate in Ap Lei Chau, Hong Kong, where it sits over a marina of leisure vessels and looks out afar to peaks and ridges of both buildings and mountains. It belongs to a couple who desire a calm and minimal home.

The first design intention, its designer from Studio Adjective says, is to “lengthen the horizontal experience” and “introduce an airy flow to the interior that merges with the surrounding scenery.”

The interior is unified with swathes of whitewashed oak layered atop grey gradients and textures, and features custom designs that are impressively detailed.

Materials are rendered in large sweeps to create continuous stretches, while fluid, clean lines emphasise length.

A nine-metre long cabinet wall is laid across the living areas from the entrance to the window across, where it continues as a sitting bench along the window. This cabinet provides the main storage for the apartment and also serves as a display of art. The cabinet is lifted on legs – just high enough for a speaker to slip under – and underlit.

Overhead, a curved false ceiling extends from the foyer to conceal structural beams and air-conditioning units – minimising clutter in one fluid stroke.

In the bedroom, the platform bed is raised on timber frames and levelled with the window sill, allowing the homeowners to enjoy the views from bed.

Morning rush hour at home is eased with there being two of every amenity – toilet, shower, vanity, walk-in closet (his along the corridor, hers concealed at the end of the master bedroom).

The wall of the bathroom is terrazzo, with the custom made basin done in natural granite. The kitchen is a composition of grey and slate panels. When it is required, a gradient glass sliding door closes the kitchen off but allows for visual connection inside and out.

Studio Adjective

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