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6 private sanctuary spaces that are sanity saving

Designed by some of Singapore’s top interior designers, these stylish homes inspire rest and rejuvenation.

Text by Vanitha Pavapathi

Nobody understands fast-paced living better than those living in Singapore, which is why people take vacations and staycations every now and then to combat the stresses of life. But if your home look anything like these amazing dwellings showcased here, you won’t need a staycation anymore. Your private sanctuary right here in Singapore is more than enough. Not to mention, it’s more sustainable in the long run.

#1 The Seafront Apartment by UPSTAIRS_LBDA 2018 shortlist UPSTAIRS -THE SEAFRONT APARTMENT private sanctuaryLBDA 2018 shortlist UPSTAIRS -THE SEAFRONT APARTMENT bathroom private sanctuary

Based in Indonesia, the homeowners wanted a ‘resort-themed’ home-away-from-home. Eschewing the typical ‘Balinese’ and ‘rusticated’ resort aesthetics, this seafront apartment designed by UPSTAIRS_ displays a contemporary reinterpretation of the local vernacular through a layered choreography of textures, material form and graphic patterns, set within a seamlessly detailed architectural space. The ceiling, wallpapered with leaf motifs definitely activates the vacation mode. Who needs to stay in a resort when you have an amazing private sanctuary like this?


#2 Hillion Residences by METRE ArchitectsLBDA 2018 shortlist METRE Architects Hillion Residences private sanctuaryLBDA 2018 shortlist METRE Architects Hillion Residences private sanctuary

Who says a petite 463sqft studio apartment can’t be an awesome private sanctuary? Indeed, its small footprint makes it all the better. To address both functional and experiential aspirations of the homeowner, METRE Architects designed a singular multi-functional space, with the most distinct feature being a single sculptural landscape that forms the bed, sofa, work and dining space. Volumes beneath this sculptural form also offer loads of practical storage. See the full project feature here.


#3 Symphony of Lines by Hall InteriorsLBDA 2018 shortlist Hall Interiors Symphony of Lines private sanctuaryLBDA 2018 shortlist Hall Interiors Symphony of Lines kitchen private sanctuary

With the idea of harmonising the mind and soul through the use of natural materials and natural light, ash wood and slate stone make up the material palette of this private sanctuary designed by Hall Interiors. The dark, rich tones of the materials are counterbalanced by keeping the 3-bedroom apartment as open as possible. To keep the space clutter-free, inconspicuous storage spaces are maximised behind feature walls.


#4 Aspen Height by The Monocot StudioLBDA 2018 shortlist the monocot studio Aspen Height private sanctuary
LBDA 2018 shortlist the monocot studio Aspen Height private sanctuary bathroom

This is how every child’s bedroom should be. Whimsical yet functional, the master bedroom and en suite have been converted into a paradise, if not a private sanctuary for the homeowners’ physically challenged child. The bed frame is designed like a house to encourage the child to sleep alone while the bathroom is opened up to allow easy access. For a calming effect, The Monocot Studio opted for a muted blue colour palette throughout the handicapped-friendly space.


#5 Sky Peak by wee studio

LBDA 2018 shortlist wee studio Sky Peak private sanctuary

Minimalist in colour and material palette, this flat is conceived by wee studio as a private sanctuary where the homeowner can relax, work and hold large family gatherings. Seating areas are flexible and aplenty, with enough room to move around. Custom carpentry too abound in communal spaces, lending a cohesive look throughout.

#6 Onsen Apartment by PROVOLK ARCHITECTSLBDA 2018 shortlist PROVOLK ARCHITECTS Onsen Apartment private sanctuaryLBDA 2018 shortlist PROVOLK ARCHITECTS Onsen Apartment private sanctuary (2)

The brief called for a Zen-like home that evokes a sense of calmness and tranquility, where the clients can recuperate after a tiring day. To achieve the desired retreat-like interior, careful selection of finishes and screen designs were made by PROVOLK ARCHITECTS. The most noticeable is the TV console that boasts a sliding screen, which can reveal or hide the TV on demand – ain’t nobody want to see the big piece of device when not in use.

If these stunning residences – shortlisted for “Best Space for Retreat” at Lookbox Design Awards 2018 – inspire you, you should definitely get tickets to the upcoming Lookbox Design Awards 2018 Gala Night to find out who the winner of this category will be, and see more amazing works from Singapore’s top designers.

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