Announcing the winning project in Lookbox Annual 2024 People’s Choice

The results are in! We reveal the winning project that received the most votes in Lookbox Annual 2024 People’s Choice, and our five prize winners.

  • Announcing the winning project in Lookbox Annual 2024 People’s Choice

Lookbox Annual has always been a trusted renovation and design sourcebook for homeowners and design enthusiasts seeking inspiration for their home. This year, 24 exceptional projects were shortlisted from our latest 2024 edition, and put to you, our readers, to vote for your favourite and help us determine with project should be named the Lookbox Annual 2024 People’s Choice Winner.

With votes from across Singapore, we are proud to announce that the winning project in the Lookbox Annual 2024 People’s Choice competition is ‘All in the family’ by Notion of W

We are also happy to announce the five prize winners who voted for the winning project, ‘All in the family’. *All prize winners were randomly drawn

1st prize winner: Lynn Mak
The prize – KK Hotel Collection Bellagio II Queen Size Mattress from King Koil, valued at SGD$4,659

2nd prize winner: Goh Ai Ling
The prize – Magis Puppy, Large, Colour: Violet/Fuchsia, from XTRA, valued at SGD$930 

3rd prize winner: Muhammad Isham
The prize – M8 Mortise Digital Door Lock from Samaire, valued at SGD$888

4th prize winner: Christopher Tan
The prize – Gubi Multi Lite Portable Lamp, Brass on Brass version, from CULT Design, valued at SGD$733

5th prize winner: Cliff Toh
The prize – Table Lamp Eclipse, Black, from Prelude Living, valued at SGD$649

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People's Choice

Project type: 7-bedroom semi-detached house
Floor area: 6,000sqft
Designed by Notion of W

With the owner’s main brief consisting of a desire to have plenty of communal spaces for a large multigenerational family, Notion of W had to look into the space planning of the home as a whole, ensuring that the new layout utilised all pockets and corners and that living and dining areas were connected to each other. Opening up the rooms and visually connecting them with expansive views and light and bright materials became key to creating linked and fully utilised zones.

People's Choice

The design approach to the family kitchen was to create a simple, straightforward area, concealing as much clutter and back-of-house spaces as possible. The resulting wood-clad look sets up a clean, fuss-free facade that tucks away much of the storage, as well as hides the entrances to a powder room and a wet kitchen.

Small nooks that were previously underutilised were given purpose to allow different family members to connect with one another but also to have their ‘me’ time. Some corners were turned into reading nooks or breakout zones to create pockets of privacy without completely sealing the areas off.

 Lookbox Annual 2024 People's Choice

The three-storey home was designed with everyone giving their input into the kind of home they desired. Not surprisingly, this led to a dedicated level just for the kids, complete with a communal library, netting areas as relaxation/lazy corners, and monkey bars to keep the young children active and entertained.

Notion of W

Congrats to Notion of W!

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