A cat-friendly home with quirky touches

Cat holes and scratch-proof walls are just some of the details that make this flat so special for a fun-loving couple and their felines.

A cat-friendly home with quirky touches

Home Type: 5-room HDB flat

Floor Area: 1,290sqft

Text by Stephanie Peh

Composed of raw wood textures, cement finishes and red artificial stone veneers from Craftstone, this living space fulfils the homeowners’ desire for an industrial-looking home. The space was kept spacious to host guests regularly, with unique cat-friendly details that cater to the felines. Above the island, the low-lying structural beam was turned into another cement feature etched with the handprints of the owners’ closest friends.

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cat-friendly flat

The homeowners were receptive to ideas that were out of the box, and so creative measures were taken to improve the connection between the balcony and living area and make this space more cat-friendly. “We decided to carve a hole in the wall between both areas for the cats to perch on. This also makes the wall ‘come alive’,” says lead designer Grace Chua. Textured surfaces were also deliberately chosen to reduce the visibility of cat scratches.

industrial open-concept kitchen

As the homeowners enjoy experimenting with new recipes, hosting friends and playing pool, a pool table – which also functions as a dining table – was added to the living room alongside the kitchen island. This creates flexible programming for various activities to happen at the same time within the same space.

industrial kitchen

The kitchen is segmented into a cooking and non-cooking area. The wet kitchen has a view out, but the glass partition and swing door ensures that heavy cooking can be done while containing the fumes. A long grey counter runs continuously from inside to outside, connecting the wet and dry kitchen.

bathroom with texture and natural finish

The neutral colour scheme continues in the master bathroom with grey surfaces and woody accents. Fulfilling the homeowners’ desire for a bathtub in a small space, Notion of W built a sitting tub that doubles up as a space to shower the cats.

Notion of W

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