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From old to new: an over 30-year-old apartment gets a hip makeover

A major overhaul courtesy of The Orange Cube renders this old apartment new.

Home Type: 3-bedroom condominium unit

Floor Area: 1,500sqft

Text by Rossara Jamil

When the owners purchased this property, they knew that the decades-old apartment needed plenty of work. But it does have several notable features, including a long balcony that runs alongside the dining and living areas, and the large windows in the kitchen. With an open-concept interior in mind, they called in the design team from The Orange Cube to help with the transformation.

The first order of business was to open up the kitchen and living space. Designer Chris Koh and her team removed several walls, and combined the two into one large area. However, they also sought to distinguish the kitchen. Now, the kitchen bears a streamlined contemporary look, with glossy laminates in lipstick red and a countertop in white. Although compact, it is fitted with ample storage solutions to keep the space uncluttered.

The Orange Cube old to new living area

The living area, on the other hand, takes on contemporary elements with streamlined furnishings and grooved walls. The dark furnishings and a textured feature wall contribute to the cocooning atmosphere. Here, comfort takes priority.

The Orange Cube old to new bedroom with a stepped platform that holds storage drawers

One of the bedrooms has been converted into a multi-purpose area furnished with a host of storage options. A stepped platform holds storage drawers. Cabinets and niches line the walls, and this room sports a small desk too. The room serves as a space conducive to studying or working, as well as solitude or meditation. But it can also convert into a guest room for visitors. Again, dramatic woodgrains make an appearance, turning the room into a cabin-like haven.

The Orange Cube old to new bathroom with modern finishes

The other bedroom, however, ties in with the rest of the interior in many ways. The liberal use of patterns can be seen everywhere, from the cabinets, walls and ceiling to the woodgrain laminates and colourful floor tiles. The ceiling feature, reminiscent of cottage ceiling beams, is a surprising touch that communicates a cosy feeling throughout the home.

The Orange Cube old to new bathroom has white and shades of brown

For one bathroom, Chris focused on giving it a sleek look with a simple palette of white and shades of brown. The floor and walls are decked out in the same tiles with defined line patterns to enhance the sense of space. Likewise, a large mirror cabinet also expands the area visually. The careful use of lighting brings in depth and dimension.

The Orange Cube old to new living and dining space

One of the plus points of this apartment is its spacious common area that’s made more open with the free-flowing layout. The dining area is a warm, intimate setting perfect for family gatherings. The owners have a preference for wood furniture. So, a collection of rough-hewn, country-style furnishings complements the brick wall in sandy hues. Last but not least, decorative figurines and accessories from Asia add personality to the space.

The Orange Cube

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