World of Laminates by Evershine

Evershine’s World of Laminates brings you its high-pressure laminate collection for a brand new spatial experience.

World of Laminates by Evershine

A popular finish option, laminates are fuss-free and pleasant with their low maintenance good looks. Like a second skin, laminates liven up any product body it wraps around. In the market, Evershine has been a leading finishing with a vast range of products to show for it, including an impressive collection of laminates in addition to polymer composite materials and solid surface materials. Each year, it continues to add to its already impressive repertoire of products and this year, it introduces the versatile and highly distinct high-pressure laminates range under its World of Laminates collection.

This new range of high-pressure laminates is highly versatile and can be used on joinery and on walls. Of course, it offers a comprehensive range of laminates that echo the look and texture of real timber. But this year’s additions truly differentiate themselves from the rest of the laminate pack with their striking and unique designs. For example, Fantasy offers a feminine slant to your space with whimsical floral patterns that appear like they were sketched out by pencil – great for a girl’s room or as a soft accent panel in a living area.


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