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Transform your kitchen sink into the centrepiece of your kitchen

The new hansgrohe sink combinations merge design and function in a single unit that’s convenient for everyone in the family to use.

Text by Redzman Rahmat

During our parents’ and grandparents’ time, the kitchen was purely a practical room where guests weren’t even allowed to enter. Nowadays, the kitchen takes centre stage in interior design, and any house-proud homeowner will be happy to show their guests around.

At the centre of your kitchen is the sink; every cooking activity revolves around it. To make this area as fluid and convenient as possible, hansgrohe has launched a new built-in sink that includes a mixer, intuitive controls and sophisticated technical components that not only work well, but look great in the kitchen.

Firstly, you get a large and deep sink that’s ideal for any heavy-duty kitchen activity. This is coupled with a kitchen mixer equipped with a pull-out hose that simplifies your washing-up chores.

The model fitted with the new hansgrohe Metris Select two-hole kitchen mixer has a central control unit on the front right-hand side of the rim of the sink. You’ll find a lever handle that can be switched or turned to select the precise water temperature and volume. You can turn the water flow on or off by pressing the Select button, strategically positioned on the high spout.

The second model integrates Select technology directly into the sink itself. There’s a large button on the sink rim that you press to turn the water flow on and off. This seamless design means that even young children and people with physical disabilities can easily operate the sink.

The new sink combinations come equipped with the new hansgrohe sBox, a smart component that keeps the base cabinet neat and tidy. It’s designed to fit standard base cabinets and stores the hose of the pull-out spray. The sBox offers greater freedom of movement: the length of the new hose integrated into the hansgrohe sBox increases the operating range around the sink by up to 26cm!

With the new hansgrohe sink combinations, you’ll be proud to invite guests into your kitchen.



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