Timber Flooring by Wood & Wood

Let nature into your space with Wood & Wood’s range of timber flooring.

Timber Flooring by Wood & Wood

One of the things that makes Wood & Wood a leading supplier of timber flooring in Singapore is the range of flooring it carries. Naturally, solid timber flooring like Burmese teak and African plantation teak are a mainstay in the company’s stable of materials and have proven to be in high demand for their rich, warm tones and ability to age beautifully over the years. However, solid timber flooring is not the only type of material that Wood & Wood offers.

For those who like the look and feel of a solid timber floor but need something that can withstand a greater amount of wear and tear, engineered timber flooring is a good alternative. Already, it has proven to be very popular with homeowners who do not want to worry about little things like scratches and maintenance. And at Wood & Wood, all pre-finished engineered timber flooring products enjoy an impressive 15-year warranty against de-lamination, twisting, bucking, cupping or warping.


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