This is a sleek and stylish drainage solution

For a drainage solution that blurs the boundaries between the indoors and outdoors, look to Stormtech.

  • This is a sleek and stylish drainage solution

Text by Andrew McDonald

Drainage systems are a critical design consideration when planning any home and open fronting space. Providing sufficient drainage is essential for ensuring not only the safety and cleanliness of the interior and exterior areas, but also the structural integrity of the design.



Stormtech’s threshold drainage solutions are an ideal solution for protection from rain and water from outside, while still allowing for a continuously accessible path between the interior and exterior.

Threshold drains comprise external linear grating, designed to sit externally beside the door track. An integrated and concealed, underground basin collects water and condensation around the doorway, draining it to the external drainage system.



Linear threshold drainage offers a disguised water barrier between the balcony or patio and the inside of the house. This flat threshold removes any traditional ‘trip-and-slip’ hazards like step-downs and high gradient falls often seen in traditional doorways.



Stormtech has been known as a pioneer of the flat level threshold drainage system. From its initial conception in universal access, to its current emergence as a popular design solution for the home, Stormtech has remained at the forefront of this design concept, and currently offers the highest variety of threshold drainage options in the market.


More information at Stormtech.


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