The kitchen revolution: Cooking appliances take centre stage

Kitchen design has undergone a dynamic revolution, putting the aesthetics of kitchen appliances into sharp focus – and bidding farewell to the times when they were used just for cooking.

  • The kitchen revolution: Cooking appliances take centre stage

  • The kitchen revolution: Cooking appliances take centre stage

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The cooking appliances of yesteryear had a predominantly functional purpose. Frequently hidden away at the back of the kitchen, they were often an afterthought rather than a considered design decision. Today, the irresistible combination of advanced technology with a wide range of design choices places contemporary ovens, fridges or stoves at the very centre of our kitchens. It makes the selection of appliances a design decision in its own right – and one that should be front of mind when planning the layout to ensure that the space is cohesive and aligned with the lifestyle and the aesthetic preferences of the users. From the clean lines of the contemporary aesthetic to the traditional styles that take inspiration from the intricate and iconic designs of the past – kitchen appliances are a fantastic vehicle for creating a variety of design styles in the kitchen space. And Bertazzoni’s modern collection of Italian cooking appliances is a testament to how diverse and impactful those styles can be.

The family-owned Italian manufacturer of kitchen products certainly recognises the creative potential of kitchen appliances – and the importance of thoughtfully integrating them with the overall floor-plan to create a visually superior space. Their modern collection – distributed in Singapore by Capital Marketing – boasts a few distinct styles that can transform any kitchen – with the sophisticated exteriors backed up by state-of-the-art technology that powers the appliances from within.

#Bertazzoni Modern Series

The Modern Series is the pinnacle of contemporary kitchen design sought after for its universal aesthetic and built-in form that allows the appliances to effortlessly disappear into their surroundings. The simple, clean lines combined with flawless integration – and touch screen available in selected models – offer an incredibly seamless and easy experience, packaged up in a sophisticated form. The immaculate visual appeal is a meeting of clean lines and toned down, emotive materiality. The elegant combination of glass and precious metals incorporated with incredible attention to detail – like the addition of the black glass finish on the oven door handle – gives this rich collection a current yet timeless character that works well with its efficient, built-in design.

#Bertazzoni Heritage Series

Celebrating the more traditional forms of cooking appliances from back in the day, Heritage Series takes us back to the very start of the 20th century. Inspired by the very first wood-burning stoves created by the brand’s founder, the collection is a nod to the classic, iconic and timeless style conducive to interiors celebrating tradition and a particular kind of visual nostalgia. Bright chrome detailing in familiar, tactile shapes across all Heritage Series appliances – such as the rounded knobs on the collection’s ranges – further elevates its traditional, somewhat comforting design while paying homage to Bertazzoni’s incredible heritage. As advanced as the Modern Series when it comes to engineering, the Heritage collection features a wide range of cooking machines – including a free-standing oven – for the ultimate, retro look and feel that doesn’t compromise on functionality.

#Bertazzoni Professional Series

Crowning Bertazzoni’s modern series is a collection of appliances that can almost turn a residential cooking area into a high-end restaurant kitchen. Professional Series boasts the brand’s award-winning signature style, which is all about ergonomics and intuition – some of the most essential elements for modern kitchen design. Offering professional performance in the cosiness of a home, the sharp, distinct look features signature squared-off lines, ergonomically designed handles – and highly sophisticated finishes identical to the paintwork found on iconic Italian luxury sports cars. Thought out with incredible attention to detail, all control panels, displays and oven windows are designed to align perfectly – both in vertical and horizontal configurations. In combination with a broad choice of advanced technology, Professional Series makes designing an integrated kitchen that doesn’t compromise on even the smallest of details extraordinarily easy.

Whether it’s a more recessive and seamless presence achieved through clean design and built-in integration, a free-standing statement piece that combines traditional aesthetic with modern engineering – or a sleek, detailed, high-end kitchen system designed for perfect alignment, the incorporation of cooking appliances has to be carefully considered at the planning stage to achieve the most desirable outcome. With a wide variety of designs powered by technological advancements, both traditional and contemporary design styles can shine through in the modern kitchen environment – all the more reason to make kitchen appliances the first design priority when creating a new kitchen space.

With the Bertazzoni bundle promotion, creating a cohesive modern kitchen space in the desired style has never been easier. Head to their website to explore the latest offers on the Modern, Heritage and Professional collections.


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