5 amazing products from the Roche Bobois 2020 collection

Add some luxe to your home. These stylish pieces will make guests ask “where’d you get that?”

  • 5 amazing products from the Roche Bobois 2020 collection

  • 5 amazing products from the Roche Bobois 2020 collection

  • 5 amazing products from the Roche Bobois 2020 collection

  • 5 amazing products from the Roche Bobois 2020 collection

  • 5 amazing products from the Roche Bobois 2020 collection

  • 5 amazing products from the Roche Bobois 2020 collection

Text by Sandra Campbell

Innovative design is French furniture label Roche Bobois’ calling card. Looking beyond fleeting trends, its newest collection oozes fabulous, functional reinterpretations of existing pieces from the Les Contemporains and Les Nouveaux Classiques Collections in soft, sleek as well as sexy shapes.

Helmed by the family-run business’ creative director Nicolas Roche, its designers combined different colours, dimensions and materials to unveil a new perspective of its bestsellers. We zoom in on these particularly splurge-worthy creations for your home.

#1 Blogger Large 3-Seat Sofa: Style and comfort for hours
Roche Bobois Blogger Large 3-Seat Sofa

Designers Roberto Tapinassi and Maurizio Manzoni take leisurely style to the next level with this prime example of expert craftsmanship. Upholstered with a structured yet flexible quilted ‘marshmallow’ fabric, the Blogger Large 3-Seat Sofa’s plush silhouette is unique yet not unfamiliar. Instantly the focal point in a lounge or living room, it’ll keep you comfy for hours while you daydream, blog, read, shop or snooze.

#2 Astrolab 2.0 Dining Table: Aesthetic and technological marvel
Roche Bobois Astrolab 2.0 Dining Table

A dining table should be strong, well-sized and great to look at – even when there is nothing on it. Often considered the hub of any home, imagine your family and friends gathered around this beauty. Designed by Studio Roche Bobois, the extending glass and aluminium Astrolab 2.0 Dining Table in champagne is equipped with an advanced motor mechanism and visible cogs. The 12mm thick glass top comes with two extensions of 40cm and its height is alterable. Also available in a dark lacquered aluminium.

#3 Nomade Ceiling Lamp: Lights in multiple directions
Roche Bobois Nomade Ceiling Lamp

Lighting is an essential accessory when you’re decorating a room. The right one can lift your spirits and make you more relaxed and productive. It should also be multifunctional, like this Nomade Ceiling Lamp. Its adjustable arms let you beam light in multiple directions. Available in black and champagne lacquered aluminium.

#4 Silver Tree Tables: Dash of modernity I
Roche Bobois Silver Tree Tables

n the furniture world, side, end and cocktail tables are the unsung heroes. More than catch-alls for remotes, cups and glasses, they also instantly add a luxe feel. Roche Bobois’ Silver Tree indoor tables make any room look more modern. Conceived by Wood & Cane Design, their organic cast aluminium shapes resemble tree trunks. Guests will be fascinated by the endless reflections of light and colours of other furnishings.

5. Himal Rug: Cream of the crop
Roche Bobois Himal Rug

Hand-knotted rugs are the cream of the crop when it comes to area rugs and carpets. A skilled weaver would have individually tied every single knot to create the pattern on this Himal Rug. Hand-knotted in Nepal from pure Himalayan wool, it introduces a little culture and natural beauty to your home. Bonus: No two rugs are the same.

Roche Bobois

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