Quirky kitchenware you never knew you wanted

Add a pinch of quirkiness to your kitchen with these irreverent but useful kitchenware

The kitchen is a wondrous place where culinary ideas take flight and delicious smells of food waft through the air, permeating your entire home. To make this room even more delightful, we scoured the web for cool kitchenware that might just put a smile on your face. By Arman Shah.

Arthur egg cup


Arthur Egg Cup 02

Breakfast becomes a medieval affair with this adorable Arthur egg cup that’s available from HipVan. Whether you’re an adolescent or a full-grown adult, you will squeal in delight as your egg is served to you in an armour that’s befitting of the noble knight that it is. In all seriousness though, check out this video to see how the most important meal of the day has just become the most fun one too.

$17.90 each from HipVan 

Bamboo drinking straws


Bamboo Straw 01

Bamboo Straw 03

Instead of using disposable plastic straws when serving nutritious homemade juice or any other delicious beverages that you’ve concocted, opt for these reusable bamboo alternatives. Available at Maissone, these bamboo straws are not only kinder to the environment, but also have a fun and rustic charm about them. To wash, simply use soap and warm water or clean with a pipe cleaner.

$2 each from Maissone

Aprons by Jamie Oliver


Jamie Oliver Apron 01

Jamie Oliver Apron 02

Much to the delight of home cooks around the world, British celebrity chef and restaurateur Jamie Oliver launched his own range of top notch kitchen products that marry quality with style. His special line of cotton aprons serve as the perfect example. With their fun and vibrant designs, you’ll be cooking up a storm in style – without dirtying your own clothes, of course.

$26.90 each from ToTT



HDB series 01

Keep the plain white china on your display rack and proudly showcase your patriotism with these beautiful ceramic plates available online at Haystakt. Designed by Chang Shian Wei, the inspiration for these local art pieces are the Housing Development Board flats that have defined Singapore’s public housing ever since they emerged in the 1930s.

$48 each from Haystakt

Pick-up line coaster set


Pick Up Line Coaster Set 01

Inject some humour at the dinner table (while protecting its surface) with these brilliant Izola coasters from MONOYONO. Out of the four themes that you can choose from, we personally recommend the Pick-up Line set; it showcases some of the most hilariously classic (and cringe-worthy) one-liners in existence. Note: You will have to buy two different Pick-up Line sets and pair up the coasters to complete the one-liners.

$26.90 per set from MONOYONO

Two-tone marble and rustic wood cheese boards


Cheese Board

Hosting a luncheon or fancy dinner party this weekend? Why not get this gorgeous pair of cheese boards to serve some exquisite slices of gouda, brie and blue cheese? We particularly adore the options made available at Crate & Barrel; the combination of two-tone marble and rustic acacia wedge – featuring exposed rings and bark – will help you make a statement with your appetisers, for sure.

$49.95 each from Crate & Barrel

Magnetic Knives Rack


Magnetic Knives Rack

What happens when design meets physics in your kitchen? You get a novel invention in the form of the Magnetic Knives Rack. Designed by Atlantic Chef, it lets you organise and showcase your knives collection without taking up any counter space. Simply mount the sturdy magnetic rack and stick your metallic kitchen tools to the stainless steel surface. Parents will appreciate how the dangerous knives are kept out of kids’ reach.

$25.61 from ToTT

Paderno stainless steel egg wedger


Paderno Stainless Steel Egg Wedger

Put down that dangerous knife right now. With the stainless steel egg wedger by Paderno, you won’t have to go through the hassle of manually slicing your eggs anymore. Made available at Pantry Pursuits, this ingenious kitchen gadget features metallic wires that let you cut a singular boiled egg in six perfectly equal wedges. Making salads and sandwiches has never been easier.

$26.30 each from Pantry Pursuits


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