Mystic Illumine by Admira

Admira’s 1st anniversary sees innovative new additions to its collection of European and Japanese laminates.

  • Mystic Illumine by Admira

Specializing in laminates from Europe and Japan, ADMIRA brings in some of the most innovative surfacing material around. Last year, it offered sneak previews of its Holographic Wave range and Concrete Screed laminates. The former offers a visual play with, as its name suggests, a holographic effect while the latter simulates the look and feel of real concrete slabs. This year, these two collections have officially been launched as part of ADMIRA’s portfolio of laminates.
In addition, ADMIRA also introduced the Mystic illumine laminates, which are translucent so that they can be lit up from behind, an ideal material for creating standout counters. There are an additional nine new wood grain laminates for the picking. These all make up part of the 13 new designs that ADMIRA has added to its existing Freedom catalogue, which, in itself, already consists of over 300 laminate options.


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