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Lumio lamp from kapok

The Lumio is a lamp that takes the familiar form of book and creates a mesmerising sculptural light when it is open

Light up your home with a statement-making lamp. The Lumio lamp is a definite conversation-starter: it takes the shape of a book and can be displayed in a number of beautiful, sculptural ways.

What appears to be a beautiful book with a wooden cover is revealed to be a portable, high-performing lamp. The Lumio opens its diaphanous pleated interiors, which is made of durable water resistant Tyvek pages, and is immediately illuminated by bright LED. We love the minimalist design and maximum portability, and the multitude of ways you can use it at home. Leave it on the desk as a reading light, fully open the book and suspend it from the ceiling as a 360-degree pendant lamp, or use the embedded magnets to mount it on surfaces as a wall lamp.



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