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Low-maintenance aquarium for aquatic lovers

Forget traditional fish tanks and house your aquatic organisms in the biOrb by Oase aquarium instead.

Text by Sandra Campbell

biOrb by Oase aquarium - Cube 30L Main Room Set

Cube 30L Main Room Set

Finally, an easier way to own a stunning aquarium without having to set up filters and pumps separately! The biOrb by Oase allows you to keep fish with minimum fuss while replicating their natural environment as you perceive it. You can also have one without fish and it’ll still elevate your space.

biOrb by Oase aquarium - Tube 15L Main Room Set

Tube 15L Main Room Set

Create a magical underwater world with sculptures designed exclusively for biOrb by award-winning aqua-scaping artist, Samuel Baker. The Oase biOrb Samuel Baker Pebble Sculpture is one of his many creations. Easy to fit and remove, and visible from all angles, it is perfect for the decorative sheathing of the air tube. Plus, it adds more variety as compared to standard fish tanks.

biOrb by Oase aquarium - Life 15L Main Room Set

Life 15L Main Room Set

Everything you need can be bought online at East Ocean Aquatic Trading Centre’s website or at its physical store, which has live set-ups of the acrylic biOrb tanks with Multi-Color Range (MCR) lighting that come in several shapes and sizes – 15 litres to 105 litres – so you can see what the right biOrb for you looks like.

biOrb by Oase aquarium - Flow 15L Main Room Set

Flow 15L Main Room Set

Later at home, set it up, add water – with a water conditioner and biological booster if you’re adding fish – and switch it on to start enjoying the soothing benefits of your magical underwater world. Thanks to its smart design and proven one-step filtration solution, it is easy to maintain and possibly one of the simplest aquariums in the world to look after.

BiOrb by OASE

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