Lian Hin Unveils New Showroom And Logo

Lian Hin strengthens its position as a leading stone supplier with a new look and showroom

Lian Hin Unveils New Showroom And Logo

A change has come to Lian Hin. The stone supplier of 25 years boasts a newly rebranded image that comes complete with a new showroom in CT Hub at Kallang Avenue. Along with an updated logo, Lian Hin has also launched sub brands LH Granite, LH Quartz and LH Marble.

The sleek new showroom plays host to all models for LH Granite, LH Quartz and LH Marble, as well as two new catalogue under LH Granite and LH Quartz. This brings Lian Hin’s total number of quartz and granite models to 48 and 36 respectively.

Among all the stone options on display, Lian Hin has also made efforts to show how different stone surfaces can be applied at home using mock-ups of feature walls, kitchen tops and island counters, just to name a few. A visit to  the new Lian Hin showroom wlll surely inspire more than a handful of interior ideas.




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