High-definition Tiles by Soon Bee Huat

Soon Bee Huat brings you great possibilities with the latest technology in digital printing on tiles.

High-definition Tiles by Soon Bee Huat

With the latest digital printing technologies for tiles, the variety to choose from for your home, office or retail business has just gotten bigger and better. And tile provider Soon Bee Huat is one of the places to go to, providing you with a variety of imported high-definition and detailed tiles.

Inkjet printing not only provides touchless printing and relief printing, but also creates effects with exquisite detail and the finest quality tiles. Thanks to this innovation, Soon Bee Huat offers a myriad of imported tiles with high-definition and detailed image effects of natural products. This includes replicating wood, stone and complex mosaics, as well as repeating geometric and irregular patterns, floral patterns, metallic effects, and reproduction of photographed images. With imported tiles made using this new technology, Soon Bee Huat now extends its wide collection of ceramic, homogeneous and stone tiles even more so as to provide you with greater choice.


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