Greenlam Launches Anti-Bacterial Laminates

Greenlam launches Asia’s first anti-bacterial range of laminates

Greenlam Launches Anti-Bacterial Laminates

Greenlam Laminates, one of the largest manufacturers of laminates, recently launched Asia’s first range of anti-bacterial laminates, once again making a breakthrough move that may set a global trend. Safeguard Plus is Asia’s first complete range of anti-bacterial laminates, retarding the growth of nearly 99% of bacteria on any decorative surface. 

According to Greenlam Laminates, research has shown that bacteria are present on nearly all indoor surfaces. In enclosed indoor spaces, the bacteria multiplies and spreads at a greater rate, due to the lack of natural ventilation. This is a huge concern, especially in public spaces like bathrooms, hospitals and childcare centres. 
 Greenlam Laminates plans to tackle this problem by converting its entire range of high-pressure laminates to be anti-bacterial. Each layer of the Greenlam Safeguard Plus Anti-Bacterial Compact Laminates have been treated with melamine resin and high-efficiency anti microbial agents. This added process retards the growth of bacteria and provides an added benefit to anyone who comes into contact with the product.


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