European Bathroom Style from Sansei

With the latest line of bathroom accessories from Segni & Disegni, bathrooms have never looked better.

European Bathroom Style from Sansei

The bathroom is the place where you spend your most intimate moments, so it follows that it should be just as stylishly decked out as the rest of your home or work space. Sansei Singapura understands this, which is why it’s been one of Singapore’s leading bathroom specialists since its establishment in 1967.

Its 4,000-sq-ft showroom offers a one-stop solution to your bathroom needs with its comprehensive range of renowned brands like Cristina, Zucchetti, Hatria, Scarabeo, just to name a few. The Sansei Singapura brand is defined by its belief in marrying quality with cutting-edge designs. And it is this belief that has led Sansei Singapura to carry the Segni & Disegni bathroom accessory line by leading Italian brand Vipo Srl.   

Like all things Italian, the Vipo Srl name is synonymous with style and beauty. Established in 1999, Vipo Srl earned itself a reputation for high-quality bathroom accessories and fixtures that combine aesthetics and functionality. The company’s strict production guidelines and controls boast quality products that last.  

Under the Vipo Srl label is the Segni & Disegni line of bathroom fixtures and accessories that have once again set a benchmark for the industry. Characterised by their sensuous curves and clean lines, this range of accessories will transform your bathroom and make it the envy of others.

One such example is the über-chic Glam range, which is marked by linear lines that are at times sharp-cornered and shaped like an elongated sphere. The range of accessories 
– a towel holder, soap dispenser, brush holder, glass holder, paper holder and vase – are found in either brass or chromium finishing, as well as ceramic with magnetic fastening.

The Stylus range, on the other hand, is an elegant picture of perfect curves with its accessories that are characterised by their rounded silhouettes. Using brass with chromium finishing and adding an element 
of interest with acidified glass, the Stylus 
range oozes contemporary chic.

Incorporating pops of colour into the sleek, shiny surfaces of the chromium-plated accessories is the Quadra range that will perk up any dull day. Other finishings like brass, methacrylate and acidified glass up the style quotient of this range that is laced with an element of playful fun. Choose from lively orange, blue, green and white shades.

Lastly, the Sintesi range defines minimalist chic with its combination of chromium finishing, acidified glass and angular lines in its range of accessories – certainly, simple elegance at its best. 


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