Enjoy the allure of marble with the Florim stone collection

The Florim stone collection of porcelain kitchen countertops captures the iconic prestige of marble while being remarkably durable.

  • Enjoy the allure of marble with the Florim stone collection

Text by Disa Tan

Given how its spectacular veining can transform a standard interior into a sophisticated and beautiful space, it is hardly surprising that marble remains one of the most coveted material choices around. These latest designs from Florim stone porcelain countertop collection at Hafary carry a prestigious marble aesthetic, but with an outstanding resilience to everyday elements and easy-to-maintain attributes. Here’s what you need to know about the five captivating countertop colours.

Distinctive marble styles

The rich colours and majestic veining convey the expressive beauty of marble in a unique way. With each design, the classic and luxurious aesthetic of marble merges harmoniously with the dynamism of a contemporary style to create a design that is distinctive and alluring. One of the most striking colours is Heritage Azure, distinguished by a pale, refined blue background against a deep rust-coloured vein, and ideal for pairing with wood or other warm-hued finishes.

From left: Stone Marfil Glo Stu Su; Marble Verde Alpi Glo Stu; Marble Heri Mount P Glo Stu; Marble Heri Aqua A Glo Stu; Marble Heri Azure A Glo Stu

Luxury meets practicality

Beyond its handsome aesthetic, Florim stone has many advantageous as a countertop material. The sustainably manufactured sintered surface is made of high-quality clay and mineral colours certified to be food safe. It is also resistant to scratches, stains and high temperatures. In fact, it is such a hard-wearing material that it can be placed outdoors as it is UV-resistant and waterproof. Best of all, it is a wipe-and-go countertop, meaning minimum cleaning will restore it to a well-kept condition.

Visually appealing as well as practical, the Florim stone collection from Hafary is uniquely engineered for modern life and built to last.

Florim stone porcelain countertop collection is available in Singapore exclusively at Hafary

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