Cool finds for your urban garden

Want to nurture your green fingers? These websites can help you grow your urban garden.

  • Cool finds for your urban garden

  • Cool finds for your urban garden

  • Cool finds for your urban garden

  • Cool finds for your urban garden

  • Cool finds for your urban garden

  • Cool finds for your urban garden

  • Cool finds for your urban garden

  • Cool finds for your urban garden

  • Cool finds for your urban garden

  • Cool finds for your urban garden

  • Cool finds for your urban garden

Text by Redzman Rahmat

Urban gardening is all the rage, all over the world. Even tiny apartments in cities like New York and Tokyo have become homes to fledgling green spaces. Whether they’re growing vegetables and herbs for consumption, or plants and flowers for greenery, urban farming and gardening is a fast growing trend. Here in Singapore, shops and e-tailers are catering to our own urban gardeners. From workshops that teach you how to build a terrarium to vertical planters that you can install on your feature wall, there are plenty of opportunities to bring some greenery into your home. Here are some places to get your started.




Tumbleweed is the new kid on the block, having opened its doors at Joo Chiat in September 2017. This “independent plant emporium” carries plants, planters and accessories — basically everything you’d need to start your own indoor green space. This quaint shop focuses on stylish urban greenery; things that you’ll be proud to bring into your interiors.


Tumbleweeds_Japanese pot

Take these these mini Japanese-styled ceramic pots for example. They come in six different styles, each with its own wooden water tray. They’re perfect for succulents and smaller potted plants, and will sit handsomely next to your tableware.


Tumbleweeds_Muuto vase

Want to make a louder statement? These elevated vases by Muuto are a beautiful way to display flowers, plants and clipped leaves.


Tumbleweeds_Hanging Globe

If you’re tight on space in your home, consider utilising the height of your rooms with these hanging planters. Tumbleweed carries a few different collections of these suspended plant pots, but we’re partial to these hanging globe planters. Available in gold and rose gold, the delicate form are interesting design pieces in their own right.


The Plant Story


Anyone who’s attempted to dabble in home gardening will know that sometimes, it’s not as easy as it looks. The Plant Story has a new approach to urban gardening, starting with a workshop and cafe, that can transition you to designing your own green space at home. The workshops range from DIY terrariums to urban farming (where you grown microgreens and herbs) and even a home apothecary workshop where you can learn to concoct home remedies.



If you think you’re ready to embark on your home garden, hit the retail section for a wide range of pots, planters and glass vases. This miniature Zen Garden comes in two options: a readymade garden that you can proudly display at home, and as a DIY kit that allows you to assemble your own configuration.


The Plant Story

We’re also partial to their colourful melamine pots. They come in three colours and a variety of shapes and sizes, perfect for the coordinated home.


Nong by Edible Garden City

Nong_Self watering kit

One of the leaders in Singapore’s foray into urban gardening (and the farm-to-table movement) is Nong by Edible Garden City. With a mission to get more Singaporeans to “grow your own food”, the retail arm of the urban farming movement makes its easy for homeowners to start their own home farms.

The self-watering kit is an easy introduction into growing your own herbs, as you barely have to think about it once assembled! Each pack comes with a small self-watering pot, a water level indicator, planting soil and a packet of seeds for indoor herbs.


Nong_Oceans pot

Nong also sells seeds, compost and a wide range of planters and pots, if you’re keen on starting from scratch. These self-watering pots are designed to prevent over-watering while maintaining an optimal level of moisture for your greens to prosper.


Plantui Singapore


The age of technology makes gardening at home an even easier activity. Plantui is a Finnish technology that wants to bring the future of gardening into the home. It’s a hydroponic garden (no soil needed!) that can be adjusted to the height of your chosen plant. Whether you’re growing tomatoes or cucumbers, Plantui controls the exact amount of light the plant needs to grow.

The advanced light system means that the Plantui provides the perfect conditions for growth during each stage of the plant’s development. It’s smart enough to detect the plant height, the amount of irrigation needed, and the light conditions. All you need to do is reap the benefits.



The patented Plantui technology has developed and advanced over the years and the design has evolved as well! We love these colourful Plantui Moomin Garden 3 that make urban farming even more enjoyable.




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