Bodum now offers electrical appliances in Singapore

Besides French coffee presses, teapots and tumblers, Bodum now has a range of small electrical appliances for your coffee and tea needs!

  • Bodum now offers electrical appliances in Singapore

Text by Louisa Clare Lim


For the love of slow drip coffee, Danish brand Bodum, known for its French presses and double-wall tumblers, has expanded its range with small electrical appliances! It includes the Epebo vacuum coffee maker, Burr coffee grinder, Blade coffee grinder, water kettles and a toaster.

In particular, the Epebo vacuum coffee maker ($369, pictured above) – a highlight of the new range – features a transparent design so that users can view the theatrical brewing process from start to finish. There’s also a stain-resistant heating plate integrated to keep your coffee warm for up to 30 minutes.




Coffee is best enjoyed fresh, and with your own grinder at home, you sure can.

The Burr coffee grinder ($349) crushes beans between stainless steel conical burrs rather than slicing them, preserving the full flavour and aroma of the beans. This nifty machine also has a compact design, yet holds 220 grams of coffee to allow you to make a larger quantity at a time.  There are 12 settings, so you can choose to grind the beans coarsely to use with a French press, or into a fine powder to make an espresso.


Alternatively, the Blade coffee grinder ($79) is a more compact, smaller option that grinds coffee beans both coarsely and finely to suit your needs. Its futuristic look, complete with power cord that can be tucked away within the grinder, means that you can leave it on the kitchen counter without creating an eyesore.




There’s also two kettles. The Double Wall water kettle ($179, pictured in black) can be set to a desired temperature and keep the water warm at that temperature for up to 30 minutes, while the Bistro water kettle ($89, pictured in white) boils water quickly and energy efficiently, making it ideal for coffee, tea and even instant soups.




Finally, to go with your coffee (or perhaps, tea) – toast!

Bodum’s two-slice toaster ($99) features a variable browning temperature control and defrost function, so you can enjoy perfect, crispy toast. It comes with a pop-up warming rack to toast rolls, croissants and other types of bread, as well as an integrated slide-out crumb tray to keep your countertop neat. Its cool-touch exterior also makes it easy to move around and clean.


The Bodum electrical appliances are available at Robinsons, Metro, Tangs, Courts Megastore and Popular. For more information, visit Bodum.


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