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Beds and mattresses at 50% off at the Soho Living clearance sale

The Soho Living Factory Clearance Sale, from 11 to 13 November 2016, will have display bed frames at 50% off, and all mattresses at 30% off

Looking for great deals on beds and mattresses? Head down to the Soho Living Factory Clearance Sale from 11 to 13 November 2016. You’ll find some incredible deals: all display frames are going at 50% off, and all mattresses at 30% off.



We’ve got our eyes on the Sarah bedframe, packaged with an 8-inch spring mattress, going at only $299!



Want more good news? Any orders placed during the weekend of the promotion will get 20% off, including customised beds.

As a made-in-Singapore brand, Soho Living partners with local mattress brands, including Bay Springs and Prince. Bay Springs in particular, is renowned for customising mattresses to suit your unique sleeping habits. Each mattress provides excellent back support and a cooling surface that’s ideal for Singapore’s humid climate. Soho Living also carries a range of specially customised Bay Springs mattresses that caters to children.

Soho Living is also a local manufacturer, so not only are you supporting quality, local businesses, but you’ll also receive better prices as the costs won’t be inflated by the middlemen (retailers).

Soho Living is located at 8B, Admiralty Street #07-03, 8B@Admiralty, Singapore 757440.







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