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Araeru by Song-Cho

Song Cho makes cooking pleasurable with revolutionary self-cleaning cooker hoods and its innovative kitchen systems.

For those who think cooking is a chore, what they really mean is that cleaning up after a cookout is a chore. It is a thankless job that most of us would gladly delegate to someone else, especially if it includes a thorough clean-up of the stove, hood and kitchen floor. Doing its part in dealing with the problem, Song Cho presents a brand new range of cooker hoods from Araeru that not only keeps your kitchen grease-free, but is also self-cleaning.
With these Japanese cooker hoods, all you need to do is put warm water in a supply tank and switch it on. Once the cleaning is done, simply remove the water from the waste-tray and voilà! Your kitchen hood is sparkling clean, ready for the next cooking storm.


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