Air’s Odds And Ends Warehouse Sale

Air’s warehouse sale offers up to 80% discounts

Air’s Odds And Ends Warehouse Sale

Local furniture retailer Air work hard to produce quality work, but every now and then, there’s a piece that doesn’t really meet the brand’s high standards of quality. Similarly, some of Air’s impeccably made furniture pieces have seem some wear and tear as they’ve been toted to exhibitions, used in magazine photoshoots or displayed during events and trade shows. 

These pieces have been lovingly stored in the Air warehouse and after five years, it’s time for the furniture supplier to carry out some spring cleaning. The Air Warehouse sale is offering up to 80% off these unique pieces.
Each furniture piece may have minor quirks that make them unique – no two pieces are exactly alike. In fact, Air has dusted them off, given them some additional care and packed them up, ready to go. 
The Air Odds & Ends Warehouse Sale is from 8 to 9 March 2014, 11am to 6pm, at 240 Macpherson Road, #01-02 Pines Industrial Building, Singapore 348574.


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