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A stylish kitchen for cooking and entertaining

See how the hidden kitchenette by Alustil offers homeowners more flexibility in their living spaces.

Text by Jasmine Goh

More and more, homeowners are transforming the kitchen into the hub of entertaining. It’s the place people gather, eat and talk. Everyone uses their cooking spaces differently and Alustil believes that each kitchen should be designed around the customer’s needs.

Homeowners who desire a multifunctional space to live, work and cook will love Alustil’s latest kitchen model – the hidden kitchenette. Fully equipped with all the necessities of a functional kitchen, the hidden kitchenette offers all that you need to whip up a good, hearty meal.

This kitchen comes with a series of retractable doors so that you can easily conceal it when you need to use the space for another purpose. When closed up, the floor-to-ceiling doors look like wall panels and keep the cooking space well hidden.


The materials applied in the kitchen design make a difference. Alustil uses aluminium as the primary material to design and construct the kitchen units. The wide variety of colours and finishes for door fronts, worktops and backsplashes allow homeowners to personalise their kitchen to match the rest of their apartment.

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