5 Reasons To Get The Hansgrohe Croma Select Showerhead

Looking for a new shower system? Here are 5 reasons why you should consider the Hansgrohe Croma Select showerheads.

5 Reasons To Get The Hansgrohe Croma Select Showerhead

Once upon a time, the bathroom was a purely functional space – you step in, finish up, and step out. These days however, the bathroom has turned into a luxury space that is primed for rest and relaxation. To achieve that dream bathroom space, start by choosing the right shower system: you’re looking for something efficient, easy to clean and possibly, loaded with extra features and functions. We look at how the Hansgrohe Croma Select range of showerheads measures up.

1. You can pick your favourite water spray, and change your mind mid-shower

The Croma Select hand shower features an ergonomically designed long and slender handle, but our favourite feature is the integrated Select button. An easy click on the button switches the type of water spray, ranging from soft rain shower to a more intense, turbo-charged rain shower.


2. It’s a beautifully designed piece of hardware

When it comes to design, trust Hansgrohe to have all the bases covered. The Croma Select shower is available in several configurations, including a hand shower and a rainshower. The showerheads are also available in two different designs: round (S) and square with rounded corners (E). There are two types of hand showers, the Croma Select Multi and the Croma Select Vario. There is also the single-jet Croma Select that is suitable for use in the bathtub.



3. There’s an all-in-one shower system that you can immediately install without any renovations

If you’re looking for fuss-free bathroom remodelling, look to the Croma Select 180 showerpipe. Billed as a “complete package”, the all-in-one system combines an overhead shower and hand shower with Select technology, an adjustable shower holder, a hose and the Hansgrohe Ecostat Comfort thermostat, which gives you precise control over the temperature. The highlight of the shower system is that it can be easily installed over your existing plumbing connections, with no need for new wall tiling. This is especially good news if you’re looking to spruce up your bathroom without having to carry out major renovations or construction work. High functionality, aesthetics and a timeless design make the showerpipe a long-lasting, affordable addition to your bathroom environment.


4. Fuss-free maintenance and easy cleaning make it a steal

Lets face it, one of the biggest deciding factors when buying something for the home is how easy it is to maintain in the long run. All Croma Select showerheads are equipped with anti-limescale QuickClean technology that makes them a breeze to clean. Any limescale deposit on the silicon knobs can be simply rubbed off with your fingers. The filter is easy to clean too: just unscrew the Select button with a socket wrench and you’re good to go.


5. Wash away your eco-guilt by saving water and energy consumption

By now, you’re probably aware of the importance of minimising water usage – something that we simply can’t ignore. The Croma Select showerheads are designed to be water efficient, thanks to the EcoSmart technology. A flow limitation and a flow-optimised spray face reduce water flow to nine litres per minute. This also means that less energy is needed for hot water, which not only saves money but also helps the environment.


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