12 shops to check out at Dempsey Hill

It’s not all dining at Dempsey. There are retail and furniture stores too!

12 shops to check out at Dempsey Hill

You may have always gone to Dempsey Hill for food and drinks but did you know that there are almost as many retail shops as there are dining outlets in the area? From woodcraft to home accessories and carpets, Dempsey Hill offers a wide variety of home furnishing options!

For designer home furnishings

web_Asiatique-02DSC09349 Asiatique Collections

Located along the same stretch of road, Asiatique Collections (Blk 14A) and Timothy Oulton at Curio (Blk 14C) provide exclusive collections of furniture and home accessories for the discerning homeowner.

Asiatique Collections has been at Dempsey Hill for 20 years, offering furniture and products with a focus on elegance and interesting textures. The variety of materials used in their furniture include shagreen, petrified wood, parchment, bronze and even semi-precious stones like amethyst and malachite.

web_Asiatique-ccmalachitedessert_053_v4 Tableware from Asiatique Collections

web_Timothy-Oulton-at-Curio-Store-Interior Timothy Oulton at Curio

Timothy Oulton is a British furniture brand recognised for its leather finishes and stately gentlemen’s lounge designs. Being the only gallery in Southeast Asia representing the brand, Timothy Oulton at Curio takes pride in creating a total sensory experience in their showroom at Dempsey.

For handwoven carpets

web_Hedger's-Interior- Hedger’s Carpet Gallery

Hedger’s Carpet Gallery (Blk 15, #01-09) and Lotto Carpet Gallery (Blk 26, #01-04) are two places you should definitely visit if you’re looking for quality rugs and carpets.

Started in 1991 by Peter Hedger, Hedger’s Carpet Gallery has been at Dempsey Hill for 20 years, retailing handmade carpets from Iran, Afghanistan, Central Asia, Pakistan and India. Some of these carpets take about nine months to make, and an elaborate one can even take up to two years! All their handwoven carpets have a Certificate of Authenticity stating its origin, materials used and the time taken to weave it.

web_Lotto-Carpets-Interior-16 Lotto Carpet Gallery

Lotto Carpets Gallery is a family-owned business that has been in the industry for over 150 years. Not only do they provide carpet consultation and restoration, they also offer custom-made carpets and even antique and collectible carpets.

For home accessories and textiles

web_Tribal-chic---home-with-ethnic-accents Emgallery

Some of the shops you should check out for stylish home accessories are Emgallery (Blk 16), Lexington Company (Blk 26, #01-03A), Cuckoo (Blk 6B), and Affordable Style Files (Blk 6A).

Founded in 2000 by Emiko Nakamura, Emgallery specialises in textiles for home furnishings and fashion wear. The handwoven textiles are made by weavers and artisans in Laos and Cambodia under Emiko’s creative direction.

web_Lexington-Company-Interior-1 Lexington Company

One of the latest brands to join the Dempsey Hill community, Lexington Company occupies a 1,700 square foot store near to Lotto Carpet Gallery. Well loved for its superior craftsmanship and sustainable quality, Lexington brings to Singapore their range of home textiles for bed, bath as well as table and kitchen linen.

For wooden furniture

web_Woodfarm-Lifestyle-16 Woodfarm Lifestyle

Maywell Lifestyles (Blk 13, #01-06) and Woodfarm Lifestyle (Blk 13, #01-03) have each been in Dempsey Hill for more than 15 years. Woodfarm Lifestyle offers authentic Chinese furniture and accessories sourced directly from China. Besides these beautiful restored pieces, they also do custom-made furniture.

web_Maywell-interior Maywell Lifestyles

Maywell Lifestyles produces natural wood furniture and brings in unique wooden decor pieces from Myanmar. Their furniture are made of teak wood with a duco finish. Being entirely handcrafted, all the designs you see in the store are one of a kind.

For antiques and rare finds

web_Shang-2 Shang Antique

Antique lovers will appreciate all that Woody Antique House (Blk 13, #01-05 and 15, 01-12) and Shang Antique (Blk 16, 01-01 and 26, 01-03) have to offer. Having plied the trade for more than 30 years, Shang Antique has earned the name of being a trusted retailer of authentic antique items. Expect to also find other decorative pieces for your home like paintings, trinkets and other ornaments.

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