The versatile designs of the common wall-clock

There are many different styles of wall clocks. Here’s how each one can best be put to use in interior design.

The versatile designs of the common wall-clock

Wall clocks have been a staple of interior design ever since the invention of the first clock in the 1600s. The definition of a wall clock is fairly intuitive: a clock, mounted on a wall. Throughout the 17th century, people began mounting their clocks on walls. At that time, wall clocks were status symbols that signified significant privilege.

Over the centuries clock design evolved to become more streamlined, efficient, and affordable. Nowadays a wall clock is a feature of just about every household and they are available in a huge variety of styles, colours and types.

The most sought after clocks are those that have been professionally designed as they will usually have a distinct style which you can match to your décor. A designer wall clock will become a feature piece of your home, rather than something that will fade into the background. Designer wall clocks are bold, eye catching and can often even take the place of art in terms of livening up a space.

When choosing a designer clock for yourself, there are a few things to consider. The first and most obvious is style; what kind of décor does the clock need to match with? Rustic, contemporary, vintage, minimalistic clocks all have drastically different appearances, and you don’t want to purchase something that will clash with your existing décor.

If you are unsure what type of clock will suit your space best, try and make note of all of the colours and furniture styles already in your room. You will want to find something that matches those in tone (even if it is not exact).

That is not to say you have to get a clock which blends in with your décor – some of the best designs involve contrasting a modern clock with a rustic room, or the other way around.

Be bold, and be specific: you are looking for something that you will inevitably look at multiple times throughout the day, so make sure it’s something you actually like to look at and not just whatever fits best. Consider the clock’s dimensions as well: something big or oversized can be a unique way to catch the eye, but it will depend on the size of the room.

Not only are wall clocks a beautiful statement piece, they have practical benefits that will help you throughout the day. Unlike smartphones and most modern technology, they will not run out of charge. This makes them one of the most reliable ways to check the time during the day. They will even keep on ticking during a blackout.

Wall clocks are also usually put in a salient place, meaning that your eyes are likely to drift towards them and note the time without really intending to (unlike a smartphone, where checking the time can be surprisingly hard if you have a bunch of distracting notifications).

Current trends with wall clocks are seeing a struggle between futuristic and vintage styles. Some designers opt to lean into the benefits of the digital age, with smart clocks and contemporary styles. Others like to keep a touch of vintage charm inside the home, with classic-style clocks or large rustic feature pieces providing a nice contrast against modern décor. Ikea is a particularly popular store from which people like to buy wall clocks, and you can browse their extensive catalogue here.

For more ideas on which kind of style will best suit your house, see the list of wall clock designs below.  

Designer Wall Clock Sale Singapore: 7 of the most stylish wall clock designs available today

07. Hipvan: Soso Clock – Green

The clean, modern design of this clock allows its colour to become the most striking feature. Available in blue, yellow, green, and grey, this clock is sure to tone with the rest of your décor and provide your living room or kitchen with a colorful accent.

It is available here from HipVan for $163 SGD and has a diameter of 25.4cm.

06. FourtyTwo: Metsuri Wall Clock

This beautifully simplistic natural clock is made from solid hevea wood. It has a minimalistic design sure to catch the eye and brings a sophisticated air into any room. It runs on AA batteries and is 25.50cm x 25.50cm.

This clock is best suited for contemporary or modernist décor with cool and natural accents, rather than somewhere with an already timber-heavy design. You can purchase it online from FortyTwo here for $35.00.

05. Society6: Une Linge Wall Clock

The elegant line art over the face of this clock blurs the difference between what is beautiful and what is functional. A beautiful and delicate piece, this clock comes in multiple customizable frame colours (natural, white & black) and hand colours (white, black).

This clock would be well suited to a variety of interior design styles, but would fit extremely well with minimalist or natural design styles; rooms with lots of plants and a connection to natural materials will help to communicate the spirituality of the art. You can purchase this clock on sale here for $20.30 and its dimensions are: 25.4cm wide x 4.5cm depth.

04. Spotlight: Cooper & Co Slick Clock Copper

For a sleek, contemporary clock at an affordable price, look no further than Spotlight itself. This gorgeous copper clock has brass tones and will look best among décor with industrial accents like steel and darker metals. It is 29cm wide and you can purchase it here for $30.

03. Etsy: Blue Mint Studios Marble Clock

For something a little more fancy, this luxury black agate clock has a gorgeous marble look with an authentic 24k gold leaf. It is sealed and durable, so it will last many years. It is 30.48cm x 30.48cm and you can purchase it here for $555.11 and has nothing but 5 star reviews.

02. FourtyTwo: Silvius Wall Clock

The light grey wash of this herringbone-textured wooden clock gives it a sense of timelessness that would blend easily with both contemporary and traditional decorative styles. Best of all, it is one of the cheapest clocks on this list at just $17.90. It is 28cm in diameter and available from FortyTwo here.

01. Etsy: Crystal Agate clock

This beautiful clear crystal clock is edged with gorgeous metallic gold. It is a simple and elegant piece sure to subtly enhance the sophistication of your existing décor. This clock has a 25.4cm diameter and you can purchase it online here for $206.59.


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