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Two sons create the ultimate Zen-inspired condo apartment for their retired parents

With its soothing interior, warm palette and thoughtful carpentry, this condominium apartment is the ideal retirement home that the owners have always hoped for

Home Type: 3-bedroom Condominium

Floor Area: 1,500 sqft

Buying a home in Singapore is a huge commitment, and for many of us, we don’t have plans to move houses once we have bought a place for ourselves. In other words, once we buy an HDB flat or condo apartment, this will be our home for many years. Similarly, Adrian and his family have never thought of their 3-bedroom condominium as a temporary residence. “When we bought this apartment, we wanted it to be a permanent place for my parents. My brother and I will eventually move out to star our own families, but this is like a retirement home for my parents,” he explains.

Adrian and his family worked hand in hand with design firm Story of Us, a company that has a penchant for crafting cosy, comfy homes. Together, they came up with a living space where the parents can relax. The designers emphasised the use of materials and colours to create a Zen-inspired home. Textured wood became the defining factor in this home, with different types of wood grain laminates used on ever surface, in every room. These laminates also instil a resort feel that meshes well with the tranquility that Adrian and his family wanted.

The expansive balcony is a good example. This outdoor space follows the length of the entire living room, and boasts great views over the garden and pool on the ground floor. The designers converted this space into the dining area. The floor was completely retiled and even the ceiling was overlain with thin strips of wood to achieve the quiet, warm look Adrian’s family was hoping for.

As with all home renovations, matters of function and usability were also part of the renovation game plan. For one, Adrian lamented the lack of storage space in the original apartment, to which the designers offered a practical solution. A wall cabinet stretches from the living room into the balcony, and is composed of close compartments, open display shelves and even a built-in console.

The master bedroom, which belongs to Adrian’s parents, was designed to be the ideal room for relaxation. Although the space is small, the designers built a plush bed with a custom headboard to maximise the space usage. A small balcony space was turned into a quaint reading area – a great spot for Adrian’s parents to unwind with a good book and a glass of wine. When it comes to assessing the success of the home, Adrian puts it best, “It’s good to see my parents enjoying the home.”


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