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Retreat into this three-storey terrace house that’s an urban oasis

This three-storey home has a unique layout to become a unique sanctuary for friends, family and the homeowners themselves

Home Type: Terrace house

Floor Area: 3,300 sqft

The owners of this three-storey terrace house wanted more than just a dream home. What they strived for is a modern sanctuary for friends and family to retreat to. With the help of the design team from Akihaus, the owners decided to “let the space do the talking”. Thanks to the large windows, open balconies, glass doors and skylights, each light-soaked room has a view of the surrounding nature. The stairs feature clear glass balustrades that create a light, almost ethereal feel to the home. Cantilevered steps, outlined by lit coves and niches on the wall, also contribute to the light-as-aid feel of the staircase.

One of the more unique aspects of this house is the fact that the living area, dining room and kitchen all sit on the second storey. Even the swimming pool is on the second floor. “It’s a smart and unique design. Being on the second floor means that the rooms that we use the most are, literally, in the middle of the house,” explains the homeowner. Having the living space on this level also meant that they could open up the glass doors, hop into the dipping pool and enjoy the beautiful vista of rooftops and treetops without worrying about voyeurs.

The living area has an impressive wall of shelves. The ceiling-high bookshelf stretches across the entire length of the living room, dining room and well into the kitchen. The mix of open shelves and closed compartments hits all the right design notes, with the white cabinet fronts punctuating the expanse and bringing order to what could otherwise have been a messy sight.

Since the family entertains a lot, spaces are crafted to be comfortable enough for large groups of people. This is best exemplified in the open kitchen that looks into the living area and swimming pool. The hosts won’t be hidden away in the kitchen while their guests entertain themselves. The open kitchen allows the homeowners to mingle and interact without having to dash in and out of rooms. On the lower level, four guestrooms can turn into a late-night family gathering into sleepover.


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