Modern and masculine bachelor pad with a $60K reno price tag

Dark tones and elegant wood grains account for the suave, stylish look of this one-bedroom condo.

  • Modern and masculine bachelor pad with a $60K reno price tag

Home Type: 1-bedroom condominium unit

Floor Area: 950 sqft

Text by Louisa Clare Lim


This apartment belonging to a bachelor in his 30s exudes suave sophistication, thanks to interior design firm Poetus. To create its look, designer Wayne Pung took into consideration a contemporary design theme with a masculine colour palette.

20170706 Boathouse8308

The one-bedroom condominium unit, which was renovated for $60,000, features dark-tone and wood grain laminates, as well as black tinted glass.

It has an open plan, with the bedroom partitioned off using glass.

20170706 Boathouse8291

Wayne’s space planning involved a new circulation flow – he shifted the bedroom entrance from next to the windows to between the living area and kitchen.

This helps zone the open-concept space, as well as to allow a more direct access – rather than having to bypass the living area (and TV) – to the bedroom.

20170706 Boathouse8320

To achieve this, he demolished the existing wall and door, and installed a platform and glass partition in place. This way, additional storage space hidden in the platform is incorporated also, to maximise the ceiling height of 3.3 metres.

The use of dark tinted glass to segregate the living area and bedroom gives the effect of further depth behind the TV wall, when in the living area. In the bedroom, curtains can be drawn for more privacy.

20170706 Boathouse8332

Besides the platform storage, there are more cleverly integrated storage solutions, such as the flip-up panels in the bed frame base and cabinets and display niche in the full-wall bed headboard. The groove lines and linear language of the built-in storage add to the contemporary-style theme, and reinforce the clean-cut elegance of the home.


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