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This large corner terrace underwent a long but rewarding journey to become a dream home for its owners

Tackling things one floor at a time, the design team sized up the voluminous living and dining area and went for a more formal feel in both spaces. This was first and foremost approached via the finishes chosen.

The space was large enough that the designers did not have to worry about using darker tones. As such, timber panels in a deep chestnut colour were installed in both the living and dining areas. Climbing the full height of the walls, the timber panelling serves as a visual anchor in its respective area. Keeping an eye on the balance of colours and accents, the designers maintained all the furniture in light cream tones that are easy on the senses. In contrast, the kitchen is a picture of glossy modernity. Seamless, all-white cabinets furnish the kitchen, while a slender island in the middle of the space and built-in appliances ensure an efficient cooking area.

Most impressive of the rooms has to be the bedroom perched on the top floor. Privy to a large clerestory window thanks to the adventurous architecture, the room has a first class view of the sky. As in the other bedrooms, a study has also been efficiently incorporated into the room. Noticeably, this bedroom opts for a neutral colour scheme that helps to direct one’s attention to the views outside.


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