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Live like royalty in this lavish bungalow

The homeowners of this 6-bedroom bungalow live like kings and queens on a daily basis, with a little help from the interior design team at The Interior Library.

Home Type: 6-bedroom bungalow

Floor Area: 20,000 sqft

This 6-bedroom bungalow in Ipoh, Malaysia, is a study in restrained and controlled elegance. The Interior Library set out to emphasise the house’s contemporary vibe but at the same time, incorporate a healthy dose of European glamour. From the all-white interiors to the richly detailed wall mouldings, the design team struck a fine balance between the modern and the opulent.


The living and dining rooms exude an air of grandiosity, thanks in part to its lofty height, ceiling-high windows and generous expanse of floor space. Adding to the naturally majestic room are the fluted columns and swatches of cream against the pristine white of the living space. It’s interesting to note that the design team restricted the use of heavy-handed design elements – they preferred loose furniture instead of built-in carpentry – to allow the space to breathe.

The entire ground floor enjoys high ceilings and tall windows, giving the home an airiness and sense of restrained glamour. Equally as important is the lack of over-the-top extravagance. Instead, the designers prioritised functionality and utilitarianism over unfounded aesthetics.


On the upper levels, The Interior Library wanted to create spaces that are more laidback. In this particular room, the designers created a space that’s meant for the family to kick back and enjoy the company of friends and family. The designers focused on setting the scene of calm and serenity. Especially of note is the wall feature and intricately detailed moulding. Painted in white, these minute details blend conservatively with the walls.

Like in the public spaces, the master bedroom is just as impressive. Here, the double volume and towering floor-to-wall windows truly make the homeowners feel like royalty.



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