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It’s In The Details by The Interior Place

This semi-detached house is a place where the owners can relax from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Design firm The Interior Place fulfilled this requirement by transforming the 3,500-sqft house into a modern yet peaceful haven.

In the living room, a basic palette of monochromes takes centre stage. There is a sense of simplicity here thanks to its colour scheme, but the space is far from dull. Generous panels of tinted mirror hide unsightly but necessary house elements such as the distribution box. These also hide more storage to take care of any clutter. Here, furnishings, and even a feature wall in white, balances the dark finishes. For the feature wall however, The Interior Place injected visual interest by combining six equal panels for a three-dimensional effect.

The dining area share a similar colour scheme. Here, tinted mirrors also accentuate the place save for one interesting feature: a slim, long display niche. This serves to break the monotony of the mirror panels with understated elegance.


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