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Industrial chic brings a HDB flat to life

The Joey Khu design team creates a highly liveable, industrial style using a well-rounded colour palette that gels harmoniously with raw design details.

Home Type: 5-room HDB BTO

Floor Area: 1,200 sqft

As a general rule, the industrial look is strong on personality and big on raw materials, but limited in its use of colour. But that’s is not the case in this 5-room HDB BTO flat designed by Joey Khu ID. Home to a married couple, this unit draws inspiration from well-worn industrial warehouses, but balances the look with a controlled use of raw and unfinished details.

Joey Khu ID

In the living area, Joey Khu ID capitalised on the natural light source to create a spacious urban loft feel. This airy and open atmosphere is emphasised by way of neutral grey walls and large format floor tiles. To balance out the harshness, colour was introduced in the form of furniture and custom-built cabinetry.


Removing the boundary walls between the kitchen and dining area helped tremendously in improving the home’s spatial flow. The kitchen now enjoys a larger entrance that looks into the dining room. In addition, the kitchen counter connects to the dining table, forming an L-shaped design that helps to anchor the communal spaces. Along with expanding kitchen’s entrance, the designers also installed a black reflective glass backsplash for a light-enhancing effect.


The couple’s walk-in wardrobe was created by merging the spare room with the master bedroom. Coloured doorknobs from Muuto add a sense of playfulness to the wardrobe space, and also serve a dual function as clothing hooks and door handles.


Located just behind the wardrobe, the sleeping quarters carries the industrial look in the form of trompe l’oeil wallpaper that appear exactly like strips of distressed wood. The decision to go with faux wood was simple: it made for easier maintenance.

Joey Khu ID

A walk down the corridor lets one appreciate the balance between the industrial details and sleek modern touches. The grey painted walls stand in beautiful contrast to the exposed trunking, and on one side of the wall, a mirrored finish concealed door lightens up the industrial setting.




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