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Individual Tastes

The unique identities of different family members show through in this apartment

When interior design firm The Orange Cube took on this project for a family of five, the team knew that they wanted to craft individual spaces for each family member. The family members each has different tastes, and the designers strived to reflect each personality in their individual bedrooms. At the same time, the common spaces try to accommodate different styles.

A considerable amount of timber is used throughout the home, bringing warmth to the space. Wood was used to create the console and shoe cabinets in the living room, but was carefully supplemented with other materials. The main TV wall for example, is clad in glossy black laminates that have a marble effect.

To further dramatise the space, a large mirrored wall was created by cutting a mirror panel into rectangular pieces, and reattaching them back for a “brick wall” effect.


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