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In The Mood by Space Vision Design

In this cluster house at EstriVillas, Space Vision Design gave each room its own unique look and design direction

Home Type: Cluster house condominium

Floor Area: 3,500 sqft

When renovating this 3,500-square feet cluster house at EstriVillas condominium, Space Vision Design wanted to pander to the homeowners design wishes. Bold patterns, strong colours and lots of eye-catching designs give this home its unique look. The interior design company renovated the house adding comfort and style into the two-storey house.

The living room in particular, stands out with its beautiful explosion of shapes and patterns. Space Vision Design successfully layered different textures, prints and patterns in one space. The angular TV feature wall, mirrored glass fixture, geometric print wallpaper, clear glass tables and plush leather sofa come together to result in a unique and homely look.

There may be a lot going on in the living room, but Space Vision Design makes it work. The amalgamation of design directions continues into the bedrooms, where each room has its own colour scheme.

Take the son’s bedroom, for example. Space Vision Design employed a colour palette that’s made up of muted taupe and striking cobalt blue, resulting in a room that’s perfect for a growing boy. The wallpaper in this room has been chosen specifically for its unique design; zigzag lines that overlap to create a linear and angular pattern.

The young daughter’s bedroom too has its own distinct personality. Swathes of pretty pink envelop the home, from the draping curtains to the patterned wallpaper and even the bed frame and matching platform. Here, the design team also introduced a more classic take to the cabinet fronts.

While the children’s bedrooms are driven by colour palettes, the master suite has a more plush and opulent look and feel. Rich taupe hues and bronze highlights evoke a regal sense of space and is further perpetuated by luxe carpets and heavy drapes. Space Vision Design also cordoned off part of the bedroom to create a dreamy walk-in wardrobe.






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