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A free-flowing flat with unconventional ‘rooms’ and an industrial theme

In this home designed by Ethereall, the living room, dining room, kitchen and gym all sit in one large, free-flowing communal space.

Home Type: 4-room HDB flat

Floor Area: 750sqft

Text by Angela Low

When this entrepreneur couple approached Ethereall to renovate their HDB flat, they had a clear vision of what they wanted. It was to have an open concept with free-flowing rooms that feature unconventional designs and purposes. They also wanted an industrial, modern theme that will remain timeless. Also on the list was a palette of grey, wood and cement-like finishes with just a pop of colour.

Free-flowing flat | Ethereall

Composed of the kitchen, dining, living and mini gym areas, the communal zone follows an open-concept plan, yet each area remains distinct. The gym corner sits on a platform, and the kitchen is separated from the rest of the space by an island counter. The latter was also strategically placed to face the windows, allowing the couple to enjoy the view outside whilst cooking.

Free-flowing flat | Ethereall - living

The stucco-finished bay window areas allow the couple to achieve a cement look sans the powdery texture. Keeping to the industrial theme of the flat, the designers opted for raw, pared down textures instead of patterned feature walls. Wood-like finishes such as the living room flooring also help balance out the cool grey hues.

Free-flowing flat | Ethereall - bedroom

The master bedroom has been completely gutted and features a glass-enclosed bathroom, as requested by the couple. Other unconventional features include the washbasin placed outside the bathroom and the lounge platform next to the see-through bath. Further maximising space is the open wardrobe, sandwiched between the reading nook and sleeping quarters – both of which sit on elevated platforms.

Free-flowing flat | Ethereall - bed bath


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