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Family First

This penthouse project shows that a home for kids can also be a good looking one.

Many fall into the trap of thinking that a home with children needs to forgo ideas like style and taste, and that practicality and safety are all that matters. The designers at The Orange Cube want to prove that this couldn’t be further from the truth. When they were tasked to design this two-storey penthouse for a family of five, they were keen to demonstrate how a home conducive for children can also be a space that grown-ups would enjoy.

The penthouse has the classy air of a swanky urban pad, with soft colours that are calming with touches of luxury and comfort scattered around. And behind the cosmetics is a well-planned home that revolves around the family’s kids. The originally dark kitchen, for instance, was opened up and transformed into a wet-dry kitchen. Once enclosed by restrictive walls, the entire kitchen is now bright and airy – making it the perfect place to cook up a feast for one’s family while keeping an eye on the kids.


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