Can dark walls and floors make a home look spacious?

Despite its dusky blue walls and dark wood floors, this industrial chic flat by Carpenters still looks light and expansive.

  • Can dark walls and floors make a home look spacious?

  • Can dark walls and floors make a home look spacious?

  • Can dark walls and floors make a home look spacious?

  • Can dark walls and floors make a home look spacious?

  • Can dark walls and floors make a home look spacious?

Home Type: 4-room HDB flat

Floor Area: 990sqft

Text by Redzman Rahmat

There’s no denying that an all-white home has its advantages; it’s clean, bright and visually spacious. But that doesn’t mean that having darker colours on the walls and floors will make your home look and feel any less appealing. In this 4-room HDB flat, design studio The Carpenters opted for a duskier palette, leaning towards an industrial chic look that is just as clean, bright and spacious.

dark colours make living room flat spacious by Carpenters

Throughout this home, dark wood floors and slate blue walls lend a sensuous and dusky look to the rooms. But instead of looking crammed and compact, the result is a highly textured and warm home that invites you to relax and feel at ease. This colour combination works especially well with the faux gritty, industrial style that the design team wanted to achieve. In the living room, even the feature wall (ceiling-high cabinets that make up the television console while providing plenty of closed-door storage) sports a muted hue.

Even the choice of furniture and detailing in the living room lends to the home’s grunge appeal. Picking the right furniture combination proved to be a challenge, the designers admitted. But what they ended up with lends to the personality of the home. Copper handles on the cabinet fronts, brass pendant lamps in the corner of the room, lush potted greenery and mid-century style furniture set the scene for a stylish yet restful room. One important detail the designers added is the bright, textured rug. Not only does it complement the interior design, it also balances out the colour palette.

dark colours make living and dining flat spacious by Carpenters

In the dining area, you’ll find a similar colour and material palette. Interestingly however, the ceiling has been painted in an even darker shade of blue. This dramatic design element creates a cocoon-like environment that accentuates the room’s feeling of cosiness and familiarity.

dark colours make dining and foyer flat spacious by Carpenters

This dining room links directly to the kitchen, through an expanded entryway that allows for a seamless flow between the two areas. The kitchen cabinets sport a similar colour scheme, but using two different laminate finishes on the bottom row.

dark colours make flat spacious by Carpenters

One of the common bedrooms has been converted into an open-concept play room. Its entrance door has been relocated, and the wall replaced with a clear glass panel. The room is now accessible from the kid’s bedroom, and this ‘fish tank’ effect allows the parents to keep a watchful eye on their children.

dark colours make bedroom flat spacious by Carpenters

As with the rest of the home, the master bedroom continues to play with the perception of light and dark. The colour combination is the same: blue walls and wood floors, and the look is just as effective. To maximise the floor space, a ceiling-high, wall-to-wall custom wardrobe provides more than enough space for the owners’ clothes. Interestingly, the wardrobe wraps around a corner of the room, utilising every nook and cranny of the space.

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