Light wood palette freshens up this family home

Less is more in this serene four-bedder, designed by Jimmy Li’s Carpenters, where light wood built-in carpentry dominates.

  • Light wood palette freshens up this family home

  • Light wood palette freshens up this family home

  • Light wood palette freshens up this family home

  • Light wood palette freshens up this family home

  • Light wood palette freshens up this family home

Home Type: 4-bedroom condominium unit

Floor Area: 1,480 sqft

Text by Angela Low

This project started with a blank slate. Aside from their inclination for “simple and clutter-free” interiors, the homeowners had no direction or references whatsoever for their third family home. Although this makes for more freedom to explore multifarious possibilities, it also left Jimmy Li, the creative designer of local interior design practice Carpenters, spoilt for choice. After going through countless drafts, the couple finally landed on a modern minimalist design that not only looks timeless, but also suits the family of five.

Formerly a dated resale apartment, Jimmy gave the space a new lease of life by introducing a subdued, neutral-toned colour scheme and strategically-placed storage units to make room for a more capacious atmosphere. In this refurbished condominium, light wood walls and carpentry cover almost every nook and cranny.

light wood condo entrance by Carpenters

Upon entry, one will be greeted by a towering structure that stores shoes and personal belongings neatly behind the veneer fronts. These panels form a concave centre, where a niche with cove lights doubles as a seating area and a visual point of interest.

light wood condo living room by Carpenters

An abstract painting by Israeli artist Ron Deri hangs in the living room. Its medley of blue hues anchor and pull the room together along with the deep blue, velvety rug from Living DNA. These bright accents bring a splash of colour to the grey homogeneous floor tiles and the soft tones of the TV feature wall, which spans the entire length of the room.

light wood condo dining and Tv feature wall by Carpenters

Finished in wood-look laminates for a sense of warmth, the wall serves to hide unsightly audiovisual cables. One of its panels to the right also functions as a secret door, seamlessly designed to lead to the rest of the abode. More than an unconventional design feature that fulfils everyone’s fantasy of secret passageways, it is built on feng shui principles – of which the homeowners are big believers – to protect the wealth of the household.

light wood condo living room shelf by Carpenters

Opposite the feature wall is a built-in storage unit with a bookshelf, in a matching finish, occupying the space where a row of full-length windows once was. To accommodate more storage and abstain from cluttering the TV wall, Jimmy opted for half-height windows with a bottom panel of cabinets, offering additional tabletop space.

light wood condo master bathroom by Carpenters

Farther into the residence lies the master bathroom, where the colour scheme gets bolder. It almost feels like it belongs to different house. Here, brick-like tiles adorn the walls of the master bath, bathing it in the auspicious colour of crimson. Within the tight timeline of two months, the designer pulled off a transformation that meets the needs of its owners, while deviating from the hackneyed, cookie-cutter decor schemes of most modern minimalist, trend-chasing apartments.


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