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An apartment that’s big on personality

Rustic and colourful elements unite in this 2-bedroom condominium unit designed by M3 Studio.

Home Type: 2-bedroom condominium

Floor Area: 900 sqft

Forget staid, safe looking spaces. The adventurous young couple who live in this condominium unit were not shy about welcoming colour and bold statements into their home. From the outset however, they did have one important requirement: the apartment had to be easy to maintain, to keep up with their busy lifestyles.

M3 Studio

M3 Studio designer Montie Mahtani decided to go with a rustic material and colour palette, since those are more forgiving to accidental messes. In the living area, he chose different shades of wood for the walls and floors to bring warmth to the space, and balanced the earthy composition with slate-grey laminates for the TV feature wall.

M3 Studio

In the dining area, Montie gave each of the walls their own identity. One is covered in mirrored panels, which helps to visually enhance the space. The other features a colourful mix of Peranakan tiles that are resplendent in their mishmash of patterns and colours.

M3 Studio

The double gallery kitchen is designed to be a functional and highly efficient space. All-white walls and cabinets lend to the kitchen’s neat and clean environment, while the handmade Peranakan tiles bring in the character.

M3 Studio

The master bedroom carries forward the same rustic aesthetic found in the living room. Here, wood laminates are used generously on the wardrobe doors, bringing a sense of cosiness to the sleeping quarters. And since wardrobe space was important to the couple, the design team also extended the existing wardrobe, effectively doubling its capacity.






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